Problem with OTO Not Working


I am using ONLY paypal v2 app for my funnel (No other payment gateway except paypal).

I am using 2 step order, it is working on paypal v2, however, when come to OTO. It does not work anymore. In URL there is an error showing ?declined=true&errors=Missing%20Purchase# (When I click on purchase button on my funnel) Please advise how can I continue.


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Your OTO looks perfectly fine, can you share the order form as well to try to make a purchase and see if it goes through…

Also, just in case did you add your products to the Funnelish OTO and to the Clickfunnels OTO?

Hi @yassine

This is my order form and i have made a purchase, it goes thru

Hmm I just went ahead and tried it, it seems going through the OTO just fine, it can be slow sometimes it shows Working progress bar for like 3 seconds if PayPal is slow loading or internet is slow but all seems working fine.

Hi @yassine,

Thanks. The OTO is working now , however when I click on [No Thanks, I don’t need this now], it does not move to the next page. Do you have any idea how to make the link work ?

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It should work by default if it works for Stripe it will work for Funnelish too, But I believe it could be an issue with your Funnel flow…

Let me explain what could be the issue, so when you Click “No” Funnelish or CF will try to show (not the next Upsell) but instead will show the next Downsell, if there is no downsell, then it will show the Thank you page… Thus, I believe you probably didn’t add any thank you page to your funnel in Funnelish I guess, did you?

I’m having the same issue using Stripe. On the OTO page, when I click [No Thanks, I don’t need this now], it does not move to the next page. The screen just jumps to the top of the page.

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Hmm @Charles_Salter_III, Can you share that page URL to see it?