Problem with Zapier Integration & OTO sometimes does not work

Hi, searched through past threads but did not find the answer that can solve my issues.

  1. My CF integration for Zapier works fine for Stripe but it does not work for Paypal. I have checked: 1. Webhook is correct (On Funnelish end). 2. Product ID is correct (On CF end).

  2. My OTO does not work occasionally and this is the error message. I tried to rectify it by the multi-link method but it does not work. 45%20PM

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Hey @Lr1

Hmm, for the Zapier integration, you must trigger the Zapier Zap, from within the product automation under Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party membership tracking area… not the general one.

As for the OTOs, I believe you’ll have to email us the URLs of your funnel steps to check them out, or you can share them here publicly if want to :slight_smile: