Product Selection, multi bundle product, different color option and size option needed combined

Hello guys, I need to set up a product, it will be 4 variants, for each variants there will be a discount, and after selecting a bundle(such as 3X bundle), there will be options to choose color and size for the individual products of that bundle. like the images below…

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Hi bro, can you explain to me how you can make them look Funnelish multi bundle product. I sell clothes and shoes and it limits me a lot like funnelish does

The above takes quite a bit of custom coding to achieve… also it’s a custom built for that exact funnel it will not be easy to make a re-usable solution for all funnels.

We are currently looking into having a native solution that would do something like above in the near future.

The way the code above works is as follows:

  1. Create 4 containers (or as many as bundles you have).

  2. inside each container add the formElements you need. In the case above, we use formElement Radio button for the colors (+ some CSS to make them round with the hover effect), and then we added a simple select dropdown formElement for the size selection.

  3. Using custom code (Javascript) then we preview a different image based on the selection made on those formElement inside each container.

  4. Finally, using Javascript again, when a customer selects a different bundle we hide/show the relevant containers containing the bundle variant options.

Hope the above can guide you to do the coding for something identical on your funnels.


i dont have basis on code
can you explain i think this will benefits a lot of people

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This is truly amazing. How much did your conversion rate increased, when you applied this? Mind sharing a code I will know how to tweak it to my needs.
Again its awesome what you did

Yes please share this code please. This is the missing piece for a fashion brand to fully utilize Funnelish

con todo respeto no entiendo para que comparten algo que puede beneficiar grandemente a la comunidad y no prestar la solucion ya que todos estamos trabajando en funcion de apoyarnos.

seria genial que nos compartieras el codigo gracias