Product Size Variant is not showing on Orders

I’m using Fancify to allow for size variants (S, M, L, XL) in the Clickfunnels checkout. However, whenever an order gets placed I do not see the size in the Clickfunnels orders, Funnelish orders, or even the Shopify orders.

My hope is that these size variants in Funnelish will show in the order details in Shopify or Clickfunnels. Please help!

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Hi @velufur,

I believe when you use Variants in Funnelish, they will be stored in both Clickfunnels (under additional details for the user contact details), they’ll also be sent to Shopify. But you must use Funnelish’s own automations to sync orders to Shopify.

Create an automation under your product, and match variant options from Funnelish with the ones you have in Shopify.