Product variant details not showing up in export data

Is it possible to have the product variant details included in the funnelish export file? I am able to get this information from stripe payments to google sheets using zapier, but not for PayPal payments.


Currently product variants are not included in Funnelish orders export, but should be sometime soon…

If you sync your Funnelish products with Clickfunnels, you can get your variant details show up same as Stripe ones and just sync it with Zapier then :slight_smile:

Thanks Samantha. For some reason Zapier is not triggering a new clickfunnels purchase for Paypal, even though my products are linked with Funnelish. So I’m having to use the clickfunnels “new contact activity” trigger instead of “new successful purchase”.

I’m able to get the product ID and variant details for my original offer, but not sure where I can pull the data for the OTO. Please let me know where I can get this data.

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Hi @fsikora,

Can you check the ability of sending the order once the customer is updated?

Hi @samlee,

I’m using the Paypal to Shopify zap, and pulling all the information about the customer from google sheets that’s updated by a separate ClickFunnels zap.

Still wasn’t able to get variant details on the OTO so I decided to go with a single product/variant on the OTO.