Product Variants on OTO pages not being recorded in CF


I’ve just had a purchase on an OTO page via the Paypal app. The OTO page has a dropdown with color options. I did this as suggested in this thread (How To Easily Add Product Variants To Your Clickfunnels 2-Step Order Form?) however the chosen color was not recorded in the CF profile of the customer which I believe is because the payment was done via Paypal.

I previously did test payments via our payment processor NMI and variants from the OTO pages got recorded on the CF profile.

Do variants work only with Paypal V2?

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This is definitely a huge issue.

Tested it out myself and indeed no variants from the custom dropdowns on the OTOs get recorded anywhere.

Huge oversight as we now have to reach to customers to see what exactly they ordered which is unprofessional for sure!

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Interesting, the way it’s mentioned in that document should work for both Stripe (Credit Card in general) and for PayPal!

For OTOs I think that will need more digging…

PM me the link again and will see if there is anything to fix, generally, variants in OTOs are so tricky.

This was fixed for a while and then it stopped working which is really frustrating.

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