Proofy showing same order bought 2 times in a row

Hi I installed the proofy app
it shows an order that was bought 1 time, but it shows it 2 times in a row

#2 how do i hide the dates

#3 how do i add image of people instead of the funnelish logo to the social proof slider

thank you


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Hello Philip,

Hmm true, currently Proofy shows the sales regardless of who did them, perhaps that’s going to be a great fix to have soon.

Currently you can’t but certainly can add it…

Hmm you can’t add real images of people, unfortunately, during the time we were working on proofy, Facebook and Google+ both made their APIs very strict and now it’s certainly impossible to do that :confused:

The thing is actually if you show the actual image of a user without their consent might be taken as a breach of trust actually. so rather we are looking into showing randomly generated avatars, or cartoon, or map location, or product images… we might eventually support them all too. But certainly showing the real photo of a customer “publicly” is a big no.

With that being said, all your three recommendations are on point and very aligned with where we are heading with the proofy app, thus, I went ahead and marked this topic as a feature request and will update it as soon as we have some progress on it.


Any chance of getting a map or a prouduct image displayed soon?