Purchase Attempts?

Capture What do the purchase attempts mean? im on my 2nd month with over 3k page views and still not sure if funnelish is working or not? I somehow have certain peoples addresses. Would that auto populate and get sent to me? or are they inputting there addresses?

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Hey @Humblecommerce

Purchase attempts only means the number of unsuccessful purchase attempts made by your customers on all of your funnels,

Generally, it could be you testing your funnel, and it’s counted as a purchase attempt, when a stripe purchase fails or when a customer clicks on the purchase button and then for some reason they don’t buy either they were never redirected to PayPal or simply they dropped off on PayPal.

Having a Purchase Attempts number higher than the actual purchases certainly should signify there is an issue on your setup,

If you feel that your funnel is not working properly, I’d recommend reaching out to us through chat/email support and provide your order form URL we will check it and let you know if you have to do anything on your side :slight_smile:

I have had multiple of those since I launched I knew something was up thanks for the tip will be reaching out right meow.