Purchase confirmation email with PayPal v1

Purchase confirmation emails (set in ClickFunnels) from payments made via PayPal are being sent to the PayPal email address instead of the email address that the user submitted on the order form. Is this how it is supposed to be? This could be confusing for the user if he submitted an email address on the order form that is different from his PayPal email.

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Yes, That’s how Clickfunnels handles payments done via PayPal they send confirmations (and record the purchase under the payer email not the optin one)… So it’s normal, you can simply have some notification on your TYP or any other step telling your users to expect the emails to be sent to their payer email in case they used a different email for PayPal.

On the other hand, if you use Funnelish own automation you may specify using the Optin or Payer email or set automation for both of them, as Funnelish does match Optin with Payer emails if needed…