RE: PayPal Plugin not working


I want to use the PayPal plugin only with the choice to pay via PayPal account or credit card through PayPal. It was working perfectly and I didn’t change anything - now it does not appear to be working. There is no option to pay via credit card. This funnel is live and I need it figured out quickly.

I followed the tutorial and as far as I can tell everything is set up correctly. Please advise.

Edited too add: Instead of taking you to the normal PayPal account login page its taking you here


Hi @MobileMojo,

Sorry for the delay,

hmm went in and checked your page, apparently, you’ve changed the price or something? right!

double check your price is correct and in an acceptable format that PayPal allows.

After checking your account, I see that you’ve inputted this into the price field for both products: "$150.00"

remove that dollar symbol, Funnelish already knows the currency to charge your customers in from the funnel settings.