REAL PayPal One Click Upsells?

I am new to Funnelish and my favorite feature is the PayPal feature. The one thing that I am sure drops OTO conversions are the double verification after a customer adds an OTO. What is needed are REAL PayPal one click upsells… I am sure everyone can agree… Potentially losing thousands of dollars over the long run…

I remember Funnelish team said that that that wasn’t a focus because reference transactions (reference transactions is REQUIRED for real one click up sells, for those that don’t know). Well, let me say that there is another easier way I accidentally discovered some time ago :wink:

How I did it: I applied for BrainTree (owned by PayPal). It’s relatively easy to get accepted. The best part: reference transactions come enabled by default in the associated PayPal account with email used to sign up for Braintree.

And if they are not enabled by default, Braintree is very willing to give reference transactions by just emailing them. Try it out for yourself !

That’s how I was able to use a Shopify app called One Click Upsell to work with PayPal. (PayPal flat out denied me for reference transactions, but Iaccidentally figured out this “Braintree route”.) I have advised others to do this and so far they have 100% success rate enabling reference transactions this way. :slight_smile:

With that being said, I was wondering if Funnelish team can update PayPal V2 so that it takes advantage of reference transactions for real one click upsells? That in of itself is a cause for tons of new Funnelish users. I am one myself :slight_smile:

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Well the bad news is that Braintree stopped accepting any ClickFunnels users for a couple years now…
for reference transactions for sure we would love to add that if you are welling to cooperate so we could use your account for beta testing!

Other than that we are still waiting to get RTs enabled for us as well :woman_shrugging:

Hope that helps:)

Really? When we said it was for a Shopify store and they would approve (same with others). The only purpose of setting up Braintree is to get reference transactions enabled. I used Stripe as my credit card processor after reference transactions were enabled. Here are more or less the steps. Maybe I didn’t explain myself clearly. I will post my conversations that more or less helped me get them enabled.

  1. Create a new PayPal account (or use old one)
  2. Create new braintree account using SAME as the one for paypal
  3. After getting accepted for Braintree, they will be enabled in your PayPal account or you can ask Braintree ! to enable them for you if not enabled from withi
  4. Done!

And yes of course! Would be willing to cooperate for beta testing! Where do we chat? :slight_smile:

I asked “One Click Upsell” Shopify app how to get reference transactions. Their advice:

I applied for Braintree merchant account, got accepted and applied to take PayPal with Braintree.

Success! :smiley: (After PayPal rejected my RT request even though I begged and pleaded lol)


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Hi, does anyone know if this still works?

And is the end result a seamless one click upsell just like Stripe WITHOUT having to open a seperate Paypal screen every time?