Recurring Charge Automations and the latest fixes

You can now set-up automations to send your recurring charges to Shopify or other platforms.

The new trigger will send the initial order of a subscription product to your desired integration, as well as any recurring payment made from that subscription.

  • You simply create a new automation > and pick the Recurring payment trigger.
  • Whenever there is a new payment towards your subscription, a new order will be re-created in Shopify.
  • The recurring payment won’t show in Funnelish analytics (yet) but we are currently collecting data to make this available as well.
  • This feature is only supported by Stripe and PayPal payments at the moment.
  • This feature works with Stripe based gateways as well (iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort etc).
  • You can also set-up automations to send data to certain integrations when a Recurring payment failed.

These new trigger can also be used inside FUNNEL AUTOMATIONS or GLOBAL AUTOMATIONS for sending emails or SMS’s to your customers:

Other Updates:

  • COD orders showing as pending payment into Shopify, and shows the COD attribute as well:

  • bugs reported fixed.
  • Mollie refunds supported from Funnelish
  • Deleting orders bug fixed.