Request code for Funnelish Pay translation code in Italian

Hello community,

I’d like to have a code to translate funnelish pay in the Italian language.

Can someone help? thanks

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Hello @Gabriele_Tontini, Welcome onboard the Funnelish community,

At the moment Funnelish Pay does not have an “official” way of doing translations (though that’s coming on the way), however, it’s quite easy to translate it using this little code:

   let CreditCard = "Credit Card";
   let CVC = "CVC";
   let MmYy = "MM / YY";
   let CardNumber = "Card Number";
   let PayPalText = 'After clicking <span id="span_btn_text" style="font-weight: bold;">"Complete Order"</span>, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase securely.';

   $(document).ready(function() {

   function translate_funnelish_pay() {
       if (!$("#fnsh_gateways_box")) {
         setTimeout(translate_funnelish_pay, 1000);
       $(".payment-method.header:has(input[gateway-id='1']) .radio__label__primary").text(CreditCard);

Copy the code above, and past it into your page’s head tracking code.

Replace the text values in between double-quotes ie. "Credit Card", with your translation.

Let me know if the above needs adjustment or you got other questions.