Request: Integrate PayPal orders with Orderlytics

Hey guys,

Orderlytics seems to be a fantastic way to fulfill orders (especially when you’re doing a lot of them).

Is it possible for you guys to integrate with them for PayPal order fulfillment?

They already integrate with Clickfunnels for the Stripe sales.

VA’s are great but when you have too many orders they can be unreliable and I think it’s much better to have an automated way of fulfilling the orders.

Please let me know if this is possible and how if / how soon it can be integrated.

Thank you!

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Sure thing @mfilev we can check that possibility, we can’t promise anything in that regards yet but we have been doing some efforts lately concerning the order fulfillment.

Hello @mfilev,

Check your products under Automation in Funnelish :wink:

Phew :sweat_smile: it took quite a bit of time to get it fully done and tested but there you have it and it seems to work smoothly, feel free to let us know about any bugs, issues or other feature requests you might have :slight_smile:

WOW you guys are amazing!!

Thank you for making this feature :slight_smile:

I’ll test it out now and get back to you if there’s any problems!



Hey It’s not working for some reason.

I have the API in the integrations set up, and I am selecting my product from the drop down menu in the automations.

But the order doesn’t show up in Orderlytics.

Let me know :slight_smile:

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Hmm That’s quite interesting, can you please check under View orders in orderlytics, and also can you reach out to Eric from orderlytics if they can provide any hints from their logs?

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This is what he said:

“We figured out the problem…we are seeing the order attempts, but orders are not populating / unsuccessful because of missing phone number. If you are not collecting phone in your order then we need to get Funnelish to add the default number option to their API integration”

I am not collecting the phone # in my funnel, is there any way to set a default # like 000-0000?


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Absolutely, Orderlytics team just told us about it…

There is a workaround:

Simply in your funnel add a phone number input box, and auto fill it with your number or with any number at all :slight_smile:

But this weekend if not late today our team will make an update to make that possible without having to do anything on your side :wink:

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Okay perfect I will wait for the update :slight_smile:



Hello @mfilev,

Have you had the chance to test it out again, we rolled out the update this weekend :wink:

Hey @yassine ,

I just had a PayPal order and it didn’t go through to Orderlytics :frowning:

I contacted Eric to see if he can see the order queued but he said no.

The automation is set up on all of my products

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Hmm :neutral_face:

That makes no sense did you test it out yourself i mean try to make a test purchase and let me know how it went

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It works now!

I have another question, for 2 step order forms, it doesn’t allow us to add a Last Name Field…

Can you guys make a placeholder for last name in those scenarios? So the orders can be pushed to Orderlytics!