Sales Not Appearing In Clickfunnels

I managed to link my funnel to the plugin and paypal appears for people. I have already had sales through paypal but they are not appearing in my clickfunnels account, nor does it seem to be adding them to my email list when they purchase. Help!


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That’s great that you are already having sales :slight_smile: as for them not showing on Clickfunnels that can be due to one of the reasons below:

  1. Product ID is incorrect for the products (on Clickfunnels).

  2. Funnel Webhook URL is incorrect for the whole funnel (on funnelish).

Checkout this tutorial on how to setup products correctly:

Also check this video:

Please check those two and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think its the product ID, have changed now and will check after my next sale!

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Hey @yassine I have a similiar issue and definitely watched your video upon setting up.

So sales are coming through on paypal,

contacts are loaded into clickfunnels fine… however no payment or product/s are attributed to them.

I went ahead and double checked all of my products to make sure the ID’s match as well as the funnel URLs.

Any suggestions from there? Otherwise, this looks promising for sure :slight_smile:

If it provides any insight, I have 5 products on the front end order page. 1 is a bump.

and definitely followed what you said to do throughout the video for those as well.

Ok so the contacts are added to your CF account, but are the SALES shown under the SALES tab of your funnel? If not then it’s the same case as the one discussed on this thread.

But if the sales are recorded, then you should keep in mind that sometimes customers might decide to use a different paypal email address to pay, and Clickfunnels will assign the purchase to the paying email not the optin one :slight_smile:.

Let me know if that works for you @keitsu

hey @yassine thanks for your reply. I checked the paypal email addresses that those people paid with and did a search in clickfunnels contacts section. Their contact info is there, just no sales or products attributed to them.

Which also means they are not under the sales tab in clickfunnels either.

So if i get it right @keitsu some Paypal sales are shown under the SALES tab and some are not! (randomly)!
Can’t you find any pattern on that, because so far CF has been decently accurate for us, and mostly you missed some “cart product” id and some were correct!

That’s the only thing I can think of causing that issue, but if you still having that issue feel free to PM me and we can coordinate a zoom or TV session and we can look into that issue abit further…


I mean the contact information is indeed showing in clickfunnels contact information. But… not under the sales tab. But sales are coming through on paypal.

I guess I should fire this question… Do the product name in clickfunnels have to be the same as the cart product ID name with the underscores?

I completely understand that the cart product ID has to be in the 3rd party cart cart integration section.

Nop it doesn’t need to be exact, it can be almost anything and it’s not even seen by your customers :slight_smile: in fact it’s usually more productive to have different names. between funnelish and CF.

And I believe you didn’t understand my question :slight_smile: I know you will receive the sales through Paypal, in fact from the first second you turn on our Paypal app on your funnel it will be accepting sales… but my question is:

Do sales made through Paypal Appear under the SALES tab of your Clickfunnels funnel?

If not, then that means you should take a closer look at the selected answer above for this thread :slight_smile:
Otherwise that means your funnel is working fine and I’ll need more details and perhaps links so I can give you more insights on it :slight_smile:

Hope that helps :wink:


We are also having this issue.

We have a contact that opted in using their email address. They then purchased a product using PayPal with the same email address. The sale is shown in PayPal, and marketing activity is shown in ClickFunnels, but the sale is NOT shown in ClickFunnels.

We have confirmed that the webhook is correct, the URL is correct, and the Cart Product is correct. What else should we check?

The URL in question is

Note: this is happening with another product as well, but thought to start troubleshooting with this one.


hmm that part got my attention! so you are saying the sales are not shown under the SALES tab for paypal?!
If that’s the case that’s kind of awkward, thus we’ll really need to setup a time to do a zoom or teamviewer session to look into it further :slight_smile:

Generally, other than the options (answers) given above really there isn’t much you can do, perhaps checking whether the Paypal button as promoted by Paypal works for you? because I had about two cases who found that their entire CF accounts weren’t working for Paypal at all, and they had to ask CF support to fix that or get new accounts… but that’s not very luckily…

Hi Yassine, I got my first sale through Funnelish. The customer is not showing up in the funnel sales on clickfunnels. I have double checked the Product ID and the Webhook URL which both appear to be correct. I did notice that the customer has two contact email addresses showing up in the funnel contacts. Can you help me figure this out?