Sendgrid Shared IP vs Dedicated IP for Clickfunnels

Hi Funnelers

Has anyone done any split test between SendGrid Shared IP vs Dedicated IP for Clickfunnels Actionetics?

Unless you are sending tons of emails “per day”, you DON’T need a dedicated IP, it’s only an extra unnecessary overhead.

Of course with a dedicated IP, don’t expect that once you start using it your open rate will go through the roof, as in fact with a dedicated IP, there is so much setup work that needs to be done at first (i.e. warming up the IP).

Once you start sending tons of emails per day, at that stage email services (such as google, yahoo, aol…etc) will start suspecting you especially once the spamming flags arise either due to accidental flagging or intentional… Thus just stick to a shared IP, and let the guys at SendGrid do the heavy lifting for you.


From a deliverability perspective you mean?
I’m using Amazon SES and have many clients using SendGrid and now a few testing Send13. Not seen a huge difference overall to point to one being better than the other…

I Get good open rates from the get, everything will be ok.

I have the same question! I’m currently using Mandrill (Mailchimp), but am thinking of dropping Mailchimp to to consolidate page builder and email functionality in Clickfunnels. That means choosing a new email delivery service, and Amazon SES seems to be the cheapest. Interested to see if there is any reason to go with a more expensive service for use with Clickfunnels.

I would personally go with what @dropshipper said,

Unless you are sending thousands of emails per day, I wouldn’t worry about Shared or Dedicated IP.

I know Dedicated IP might have better deliverability at the long run, but it also needs some extra work to get it to that stage (mainly warming up the sending IP). and worrying about the reputation of your sending IP is a nightmare.

While using a Shared IP from SendGrid, or literally any other SMTP provider, they will do the heavy lifting for you, and they’ll make that their shared IP has a good reputation all the time, and are the ones who’s going to worry about the warming up of their shared IPs.