Setting Up "SmartOptin"

I absolutely LOVE Funnelish - spectacular! I’m having a hiccup setting up the Smart Optin for Google.

Per FB: As stated in the documentation, I setup dev accounts with FB & Google, and setup FB’s OAuth redirect URI, which has a “/” at the end of the URL. I did not do anything with the Redirect URI to Check, and it works like a charm! However, they note this will change in March 2018 (you’ll need to list all the URI’s the login may come from).

Per Google: That being said, the Google is being a bit of a pain. When I created your OAuth client, I put in the regular domain without a “/” at the end (it errors if you do) and it requires all your “Authorized redirect URI’s”. I set it up with the page’s URL, and it works until it’s supposed to put the customer’s email in the input form. Am I missing something on this step?


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Ok so first of all, on that point. I don’t think it will be a big problem since “you” have control over which funnels/steps you want to use it on.

For Google, Yup I knew about that it’s super painful first time. and unfortunately that’s where Facebook is heading.

I’ve checked your page and noticed some main problems:

  1. You are using multiple email box’s while that’s not an issue for Clickfunnels, it seems to be causing the Smart Optin app to show multiple feeling lazy panels.

    That’s certainly something that must be supported on the app soon…

  2. Turn off development mode on Facebook
    I would guess that it’s working fine for your own account, but in order to make it available to everyone else you’ll have to turn off the development mode

    Under App Review > Make (x) public? turn the switch to No.

  3. For Google Apparently the problem has been that you exceeded your free usage limit :slight_smile: Simply verify your billing account with Google and it will be working…
    Google said this:

Access Not Configured. Google+ API has not been used in project 881352189566 before or it is disabled. Enable it by visiting then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry.

Generally, I don’t think having multiple optin forms within the same page is a good idea for any of the funnelish apps, the same applies for the order forms as well…

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions/suggestions :slight_smile:


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Thank you! Did it and we’re up and live and working!

Quick question - any way we can make it auto-optin when we come back to the page vs making them click the button afterwards?

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That’s kind of an interesting question! When coming back to the page both Facebook and Google will auto sign in (but after your customer hits at least one of the button)…

I don’t think it’s a great idea forcing the customer to login since that will ask them to login in case their oauth cookies expired, that will greet them with a login box from Google or Facebook, plus, we don’t really keep track of which one they used Google or Facebook.

I believe what you could do to optimize it for all cases, is auto show the “Feeling Lazy?” panel which can be switched on from the app settings.