Shipping Address Issue


I noticed that some of my orders do not have Shipping Address. I am using the feature of pushing the orders from Paypal directly to CF.

Is this a funnelish issue? It happens for about 1 out of 10 orders.


After further investigation, I think the issue is the difference in email address entered and the one in Paypal.

As Paypal orders are pushed directly to CF now, I am guessing that CF do not have enough information to link the orders to a customer profile correctly if the email entered on CF and email used for Paypal is different.

Is there a way to fix this?

That’s true, Clickfunnels will assign the details to the optin email and then assign the purchase to the buyer email!

We are currently investigating more ways to track those shipping details in CF properly, but for the time being we usually recommend tracking your orders in Funnelish as now it has more mature integration to most critical 3rd party services/platforms.