Shipping Address not Passed Correctly into CF Webhook

Hey guys,

I am fulfilling orders with Orderlytics now.

I’m not sure if Funnelish is causing this problem, but here’s what it is:

Some of the orders are getting the address assigned as their ‘shipping address’, while other orders are getting it assigned as their ‘address’.

For orderlytics to work, all of the addresses need to be assigned as Shipping addresses.

In CF, all my address fields are assigned as ‘shipping address’ fields.

The problem occurs in CF end, when the user inputs their address.

Do you think that your smart address plugin could be the issue?

Maybe it auto populates the information but the form gets confused :S.

I just turned off smart address plugin to see if that fixes it.

Thanks for any feedback + ideas :slight_smile:

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I disabled the smart address plugin and can confirm that it’s not causing the issue.

Orders still not getting shipping address assigned.

Will rebuild order form from scratch and try that

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Hi @mfilev, long time no see :wink:

hmm Actually Funnelish doesn’t interfere on whether orders get their shipping or billing address filled, it only forwards what it receives…

But still will check this case further next morning hopefully if it’s a bug on our end will certainly get it fixed :slight_smile:

Feel free to provide more details that can help resolve this :slight_smile:

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