Shopify Order Confirmation Email + Funnelish

Dear community! How do you Pros do this…

→ When connecting Funnelish to Shopify, Shopify sends a confirmation email to the customer you can’t turn off… so here is the problem: When someone makes a purchase at my funnels at huge discounts it will automatically sync to to associated shopify product and sends the customer the confirmation email. BUT what if the prices are different or someone also tooks the order bump, the customer always gets an email with a wrong order values/summary and nothing matches.

I mean I could change the order confirmation email and send no invoice but I’m sure you guys have already found a solution to display the right prices for them…

Please let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

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Hey there! Did you find a solution to this?

Any update? Looking for the solution as well

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Hello @Vladyslav_Nikolayev,

We are currently considering adding a feature to allow setting a custom price on Funnelish’s side (I will be moving this thread into the features request category to be updated once it’s rolled out).

In the meanwhile, the easiest option would be to simply create either custom products all together (you can make them hidden on all your sales channels), or at least create custom variants with a discounted price and allow Funnelish to connect to the discounted variants or the custom products,

The above should work perfectly fine while we are working on a solution from our end,