Should I setup Products inside Clickfunnels and Stripe at the same time?

I am setting up CF Order forms and created the products. I have integrated the payment processor swipe and the email fulfillment with Infusionsoft.

I did not set up the products in Stripe.

When testing the order form the purchases registered correctly in CF and came through to Stripe no problem triggering the infusionsoft automation.

In the “How to” videos on CF stripe integration it says to set up the products in Stripe. Should I still do this? Does it matter if I don’t?

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As far as I know it’s not required to create a Product inside Stripe for your Clickfunnels product. unless that “product” is a membership or some sort of monthly payment plan.

It makes no sense, to create it in Stripe. and makes it hard to test with different pricing …etc so really it’s not needed.


Only for subscription based products, not “One Time” purchases.

Make sure to select “One Time” purchase within Clickfunnels product configuration.
your configuration looks good, the How to video mostly is about setting up a membership product.

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As others are saying, It’s not recommended for Clickfunnels to set up a "one time" payment product (book, physical product…etc) within Stripe, though it MUST be setup within Clickfunnels products tab for your funnel.

As for membership services (monthly services, or any sort of periodical payment plan), then you’ll HAVE TO set up a recurring payment product within Clickfunnels as well as within Stripe.

Please Notice, Failing to setup a recurring payment product within both Clickfunnels and Stripe will cause for your payment to fail, and won’t get through as expected since it’s Stripe that charges your clients’ credit cards on a periodical manner, not Clickfunnels.