Showing double charge in Clickfunnels

I set up a funnel before the app and now in Clickfunnels that product purchase is sometimes showing as two charges even though there is only one charge in PayPal. So it is working correctly but showing as a double charge in Clickfunnels when viewing the member details only. Do I need to re-set up those products and funnels through the app?

That’s a known issue within CF, sometimes when Paypal sends the purchase details to CF sends them twice, and CF never bothers verifying so they show it duplicated.

Generally it doesn’t happen that often at all, and it shouldn’t affect how your payments are processed nor how your automations works, thus I really don’t think you should be worrying about it :slight_smile: and your setup is fine as long as it displays the sales.

hope that helps!

Ok thanks! I messaged them first and they basically didn’t help and told me to reach out to you so I just wanted to double check about it.

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