Smart adress plug-in for other countries

Hi we are using your smart adress plug-in. However, we are having problem because is using USA adress settings but we need that in italian, would it be possible ?

hmm… I personally tried it in many countries and it seems working fine!

Indeed addresses are written in “English” using latin letters, But I’m not sure it could be translated to italian nor will it make since :slight_smile:

Can you show me an explain of it not working and will check it out, other than that there is nothing preventing it from working on any language.

This the order form screenshot. See the problem for Us is that in Italy we have ( Reagions = states) and provinces. When using the auto filling address in the English version it puts the states under the Province. I Believe that there is a Smart adress option specific for each country so is just a matters of cahange the parameters of the Google script. However, in funnelish doesn’t seem possible to change the internal script manually.

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That’s kind of a weird situation, which I don’t fully get, but PM me the link to that order form and will look into it, maybe there is something to improve a bit :slight_smile: