Smart optin + smart address struggle

HI Funnelish Community!

I try hard to putt and install both Smart Optin and Smart Address which are genius apps but a pain to install!
And I just Struggle and nothing go anywhere…

I see that the “lazy button” on Smart Optin doesn’t appear both on my 2 steps order form in click funnel and on a simple one-step order form in another funnel. Does it normal?

Whatever I try to do check, double-check Url… on-off apps that don’t appear at all.
I have tried to find any resource in many places but from what I see nobody cares about these topics
Even if it’s valuable

So if anybody knows how to fix an issue like it and install properly those two painful to install apps… Really thinks !
because I have put some looks on Google and Facebook resources they are speaking like Chinese

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Yep indeed Smart Optin and Smart Address apps both are quite advanced, we don’t have our own tutorial on how to get the CLIENT ID’s from Facebook and Google API’s since it’s something that keeps changing and should rely on Google and Facebook’s own resources for that, but we will be more than happy to help, Can you provide us with a sample order form page url where we can see what you have tried to do? that way will know exactly how to help you?