Solution for using Funnelish + CF + Shopify

Hi Guys,

Has anyone been able to enter orders in CF (from Paypal - funnelish) and CC orders into Shopify ?

If so, did you use app trends? Or a different tool?

At the moment im not able to see my Paypal orders in CF’s dashboard.

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I’ve seen some users using Apptrends and it worked fine for them especially when you have advanced variants… but avoid using their hosted form or solution as it won’t be supported i guess.

But if you want a simple straight forward solution just use Clickfunnels own Shopify integration, if your orders are not shown up under SALES tab then that’s the actual problem you need to tackle.

Can you confirm that: your orders are NOT shown under the SALES tab in Clickfunnels? And are they shown under the ORDERS tab in Funnelish?

Looking forward to assisting you,

Hi Samantha,

Yes, i see Paypal orders in Funnelish, but dont seem to see them in CF sales dashboard.

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Good then that’s your problem @Admin_Dealzz, Can you share screenshots of your products inside Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party Tracking area in Clickfunnels? Also open (edit) your main product and share it’s screenshot.

Hi @samlee,

I PM’ed you. Prefer not to share everything publicly.
When we find a solution i’d be glad to share to process.

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Would be nice to share how you fixed this issue :wink:

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