Some order names and address weird


I noticed that for some orders that are showing up in Funnelish, the order has a weird name and shipping address. The name and shipping address shown is mine and the Paypal email is another person. What’s even weirder is that the Paypal email for the separate orders will appear the same according to the last purchaser of this kind of order that has my name and shipping address. I think this is a bug in matching the customer profile?



@samlee I think I may know what is the problem. I just found out that people can pay without entering the required form information on clickfunnels! I am not sure this is a clickfunnels bug or funnelish one. Thanks!

The form that I checked has the required option selected in clickfunnels too.

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Indeed, we did find that and it has been resolved already :slight_smile:

The problem as you described is when the user does not put in their option email they can still pass to pay, we are not sure if it was a temporary glitch on CF or in Funnelish, but we made further checks to prevent it from happening again, now customers data will pass through proper validation and they will be required to put in any “required” fields before moving to the next step of your funnel,

Hope that was helpful and thank you again @Strife for bringing this forward it does help a lot :clap: