SOS! Need help can pay instant $50.00 via paypal

Hello funnleishers,

We have been trying to setup the PayPal option via funnelish for a few days and continue to get errors and things not working correctly.

Is anyone able to help us out and do a SKYPE screenshare with our technical guy to help him resolve this?

All elements of the funnel are working find with credit card, its just the paypal side of things we are having problem to get working.

Please reach out if you are able to spare a little time to help us get this resolved. Ideally, today!

Cheers, Mike

Hey Mike - I can help, but first I would recommend following this tutorial - if this doesn’t work, just reach out and I can help you set i all up :slight_smile: Hope it works - have a great day :)!

Hi Sahin, thank you very much. I will take a look at that. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi Sahin… what’s the best way to contact you so we can go through this… thx

[email protected] or shoot me a message on facebook “sahin nuri” :slight_smile: