State selector JavaScript needed


I am new to clickfunnels and I want to the U.S customer to choose from the states drop-down listed, not to write it by himself?
any help!

hmm… I believe CF Pro Tools has a tiny code for that :slight_smile: I remember doing some changes to improve it a while ago, but I’m not allowed to distribute it…

Thus really, search for it on CF Pro Tools…
We would be happy to build and share similar one openly but it’s built already by those guys.

hope that helps!

Hello Yassine,
thank you for replay, it is helpful.
I found interesting plugin in your site: Plugin: Smart Address Filler For Clickfunnels
But I wondered if I can use it and how because I am still new member of funnelish family.

Best Regards

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The smart address App is a hosted app (ie. it comes with fees for both sides :slight_smile: )… that app along many others are provided within Funnelish Apps… which is a paid service.

But we still build free apps every once in a while depending on what the community needs

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I want to sell rings in my clickfunnels website is there a size selector JavaScript I can use it or I should tray to write one.
any help? :disappointed_relieved:

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hmm… If you are thinking that way you are wrong about Clickfunnels :slight_smile: Clickfunnels is NOT Shopify :stuck_out_tongue:

In Clickfunnels, we make thinks simpler for both customers and you (as the seller) take a single or even two types and then promote it… and instead of having a selector, just have a drop down same way they fill in their name and email, that drop down will have options for color…etc

But I personally find it awesome to just focus on a single product and single variant, because according to Trey Lewellen, adding an extra product/variant increases the complexity of your business process more than 12x times.

Why would you bother yourself giving too many options just focus on a single one and focus on having more upsells/downsells and Order bumps.

Also you can have a SALES page, the page has a number of options (buttons) when a user clicks one option they get taken to a different funnel…But that’s simply an extra overhead, there are tons who got into the 2 comma club (making more than 1 million $ from e-commerce) without even having that kind of advanced or nice looking funnels… make it simpler + make it trustworthy… and that’s it.

Hope that helps!