Strong Customer Authentification (SCA) Stripe - Impact?

there will soon be a big update on stripe with the implementation of SCA strong authentification, with a deadline in September:
Do you have more information regarding the implementation by Clickfunnels/Funnelish ?
What do you think will be the consequence? Will we be able to continue using upsells for example?

Thank you,

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Hi @thibs,

Really good timely question, we’ve been looking into it since Funnelish itself is working on Funnelish Pay that has stripe directly integrated into it. Generally it won’t affect how your funnels work. and the recent updates that both CF and Funnelish made a week ago were in order to update every funnel in their platform and ours, to make them ready for that update when rolled out, now CF uses integrated Stripe forms which are more up to date with the conventions.

I don’t think Upsells will be affected, and mostly countries or banks (mainly in Europe) that require 3D Authentication will be affected, but not in any major way, sales will still be processed the same way.

Hope that helps :wink:

Thanks a lot for the prompt answer Samantha, very much appreciated :slight_smile: Great to see that both funnelsh and CF are already taking the measures :slight_smile:

Some additional doubts:

  1. The SCA will be implemented only for European users or worldwide ?
  2. Will be implemented from September 14 or before?
  3. What will be the flow for upsell? A 3d secure popup will appear, when the user click the upsell button asking him to digit some numbers? This should probably impact Conversion rates significantly, right?

Thank you again