Subscription on ClickFunnels order bump? Is this possible on funnelish?

Hello, we have an order bump that is actually a monthly subscription.

Whenever we make new order bump in funnelish and set it as subscription and then we connect everything and try to test it —> funnelish never actually ‘pulls’ the proper price (it only pulls product price without order bump price).

Then, we just change order bump to one time payment and everything works as intended.

But here comes the weird part.

If first create order bump as one time payment and then change it later to subscription, it ACTUALLY WORKS (it pulls the proper price (meaning product price + order bump price)).

So the question is: Is this actually a visual bug or it’s possible to have subscription in order bump?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @William,

That’s quite good question, I believe that PayPal does not allow us to have multiple subscriptions sold in a single transaction, and earlier as far as we know CF didn’t allow subscriptions as order bumps either. (perhaps that changed now).

That’s why Funnelish does not allow the order bump to be a subscription, But still we might allow it if Clickfunnels does allow order bumps as subscriptions in all funnels.