Is there something wrong with the 2step order form… it couldnt complete the order… and CF dont want to support cos i use custom code with funnelish

Is the page showing some sort of error? If yes, what is that?

It is still not clear to me how exactly your app makes it possible to create 2 or more one click upsells within clickfunnels just with PayPal.

None of the video on YouTube show the entire process. They all end after the first purchase and then they say “the upsell works just fine” without showing it.

Do you have a video that proves the entire process working?

I currently have one front end product and two upsells.

I want to set up the following:

  1. Customer bust front end product (67 dollars)

  2. After the purchase he is automatically being redirected to my second upsell page on clickfunnels (monthly subscription)

  3. After the purchases this, I want him to automatically be redirected to my third upsell (Skype coaching 197)

Fancify isnt working

with changes saved n everything it still does not work

How can i change the registered email address inside my account page? That email is also in the code that it wants to send to click funnels but i dont want that email associated with my account anymore… can i please get help to change it?

In Paypal business, do i need to add/do anything special like add the API i see on my funnelish account?

Anyone have issues with a subscription product as an upsell?

@yassine Can you help me with customers not getting added to email subscription list

Yep of course @Adam_Christenson, but can you please post it on the public threads so I can see it faster :slight_smile:

Can you PM me? I will ask there.

I followed all the steps from the video from Peter Pru but I still cant’ get paypal to appear on my order form.

after making payment using paypal showing RETURN TO MERCHANT button instead of redirecting to thank you page

hello i need help asap

I can’t login into my app.funnelish account and whenever I try to reset my password the page doesnt load, its just white screen.

Hello, I followed all the steps from the video but I still cant’ get paypal to appear on my order form.

Unable to see paypal on my order form

Why don’t these guys reply?