Thank you page and downloading products

How does a customer go about downloading the products they purchased after investing using the PayPal option?

After going through and making a successful test purchase, the order confirmation page is blank (as expected) but I haven’t received any emails in the account I purchased through.

Have you setup any automations at all for the PayPal products?!

Since for some reason 3rd Party products, should have their own automations setup.

As for the Order confirmation page, I think Clickfunnels does NOT update it with purchases except from Stripe/CC… So best way is to use an ordinary thank you page for PayPal, You can keep a separate page for Stripe though!

How do I go about doing that?

On clickfunnels, when setting up your products under 3rd party access section, you can set some automation… (eg. to add the buyer to a specific email list).

The same can be done from within funnelish Automations tab… but i think that’s still beta!

Alright I think I know what I’m doing wrong.

In the screenshot below is the only “product” I have, which is just the basic setup to get the webhook URL.

Is that where I need to add in the every product throughout the funnel so that an email can get sent out to the customers for each product they picked up?


That’s the tracking part, each product ID should be copied from Funnelish… read the instructions at /Apps > PayPal Plugin > "How it works?"

Any product I add after the FE product is showing up as an integration with Infusionsoft when I go to edit it, even though I selected PayPal from the dropdown when I first created it.

And as shown in the dropdown, the PayPal integration disappears when I go to edit it.

Is there a way to fix this?