Track PayPal Funnelish Sales in Clickfunnels

Is there a way to track PayPal Funnelish sales in Clickfunnels? When someone purchases my product through the Paypal Plugin, the purchase shows up in Funnelish orders, but doesn’t show up in the Clickfunnels sales. We need the sale to also show up in Clickfunnels sales since they need to get access to the membership area after their purchase. Is there a way to do this?

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Hello @Cbassett,

Yes there is a way to do that and it’s well explained in this tutorial:

To summarise it:

  1. Add your Funnelish products to (Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party membership access) in Clickfunnels.

  2. Copy your PayPal webhook URL from Clickfunnels, and past it into Funnel > Settings (in Funnelish).

  3. Turn on “Track PayPal orders in Clickfunnels” option under Funnel > Apps > PayPal Plugin.

We generally recommend to keep sales tracked in Funnelish (as the default option), however when necessary (like in your case) you can follow the steps outlined in the tutorial and summarised above to get that done.

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Alright, I’ll test it out. Thank you!

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