Track your ClickFunnels' events with Google Analytics!

Install our brand new Google Analytics app to easily track your important ClickFunnel’a events, no difficult coding needed!

Here is how to set it up:

  1. Head to your Google Analytics account. Click on Admin, and then Tracking Code.
  2. Copy the Tracking ID, NOT the Global Site Tag.

  1. In Funnelish, turn the app on in your global app section and Paste the Tracking ID in the box (this will be used when ID not given on funnel level) Click Save.
  2. Turn the app on in each funnel you want to track and paste the Tracking ID (not necessary, but if you are using separate Tracking IDs, you can add a different one here)

Always Save Your Changes!
That’s it! Now Google Analytics is connected to your funnel and will track and measure your visitors.

Why is it important to track visitors on your sales funnel?