Traffic Ads vs Conversion Ads For New Product [Facebook Ads]


  • In this short wiki article, we will be summing up a little chat we had on funnelely group chatting about Traffic Ads vs Conversion Ads for new products.

  • This little article is targeted towards those willing, to launch new products/services in ClickFunnels and wish to promote them through Facebook Ads.

  • This is a Wiki article, which means you can also contribute to add more details to it or edit it in any way that serves the community best.

Facebook Traffic Ads

The main purpose of traffic ads is to drive visitors to your funnel at the lowest cost possible, Facebook won’t care if any conversion takes place or not. Though you can still track conversions that take place through traffic ads.

Traffic Ads Are probably best used for re-targeting and to warm up the pixel on a new Facebook Ads Account. Or for a new product launch that targets different people from the one you used to target before using the same Ads Account.

Facebook Conversion Ads

On the other hand Conversion ads, are intended to drive conversions fires on your pixel (get leads, make sales, or any other conversion you care about). Conversion Ads take some extra work to get them done and to set them up correctly.

Even though Facebook will try to drive you as many conversions as possible, conversion costs tend to always be higher than click (traffic) costs.

Traffic Ads or Conversion Ads?

I personally believe it really depends on the strategy, you are willing to follow, for instance, Conversion Ads are the ones to go for if you are promoting a product directly. meaning you are only interested in generating sales and want to leave it to FB to decide what’s going to work for you the best.

As for Traffic Ads, are mainly used on a fresh new Ads account, to let facebook learn more about our best audience, and to understand more about what you are going to be promoting on that ads account on future campaigns. And to build a bigger “interest” based audience. They are more interested in a freebie or a news article or maybe even a video.

Once you have that kind of audience in place you can then start promoting to them direct products using Conversion Ads.

I believe that Traffic ads can be suitable in most cases for retargeting really well… and might outperform Conversion Ads when it comes to retargeting.


So I’ll summarize what each is good for, in an easy straightforward bullet points list:

1. Traffic Ads

  • Retargeting.
  • Warming up new account pixel.
  • New product launch (targeting different audience).
  • Useful when getting high CPM and not knowing why.

2. Conversion Ads

  • For scaling up.
  • When you are targeting the same audience.
  • When your pixel is trained enough.
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I have edited the article to add more value to it.

By the way, I think saying “Through Clickfunnels” on your article was irrelevant. I mean the techniques mentioned would work just the same for almost anything that is advertised through Facebook Ads.

That’s it, Thanks for the insightful article :slight_smile:

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