Triple Whale not tracking sales from Funnelish 3rd Party checkout. Anyone know how to add

Hi i’m using the Triple Whale Pixel for conversion tracking but it doesn’t track for our Funnelish lander.

TW recommended that i ad a custom javascript in the checkout settings. How can I do this?

This is the LP: Allurium Beauty Advertorial

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I think the article linked explains how to do TripleWhale connection with specific platforms not-including Funnelish for some reason.

Perhaps reach out to TripleWhale support they might have up to date instructions on how to do it with alternative platforms such as Funnelish as I have no idea how to adapt their instructions to our platform.

If you can get someone from TripleWhale team to collaborate on here I can aid them if needed to adapt the code to your checkout or Funnelish in general.

interest to know if anyone found a fix to this?

Yes I have. Email me: [email protected]

has anyone found a solution to this?