Trouble with setting up product variants code

I am new to clickfunnels and I just set up the piece of code so I can have multiple variants on the two-step order form but the option doesn’t appear on the order form. I have set up the product in the backend for CF but I haven’t set up multiple variants, is this something I need to do, and how do I do it as I have about 100 variants (colors and models). Or is the problem something else?
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Daan Dekker

We need more details @DaanDekker!
What variants code are you talking about! and can you share your order form link!

If not take a screenshot of the code, and the end results you got.

Hello Yassine,
I used the piece of code you mentioned on the forum. I just tried up to set the color variants like you did to see if it worked.
So this is the piece of code which I installed but there are no variants appearing on my order form.
Thanks for your help!

Can you please PM me your order form link with that code plugin installed I’ll have a look and see

@samlee have yous got an update on multiple variants that works with credit card and paypal yet? It doesnt want to wrk and I have requested to get more about this about 1 month ago! cheers