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Update: Auto-Optins, Email validation and few tweaks


When turned on, email addresses will automatically be collected if the customer didn’t intentionally submit his data within 2 minutes.

Auto-optins will be by default turned on on new pages, but for old pages you must turn this on manually.

All you need to do is head to the step where you’re collecting optins, click on the email box and turn on Auto-Optin.

When turned on, you will find these optins labelled as auto optins next to the customers’ email address.

These auto optins will trigger all sorts of optin automations you may create.

Email validation

Funnelish does email validation now. This means your customers will be notified whenever they’re inputting a wrong email address.

This should solve a common issue with sending orders to Shopify too, as Shopify refuses to sync invalid email addresses.

Default gateway names changes

We have changed the default name for card payment option from** Credit Card ** to Credit/Debit Card. The old naming seemed to confuse end-customers, giving the impression that they could only pay with a Credit Cards (thanks Nicholas ;-)).

We’ve renamed default Klarna to Buy now, pay later (Klarna) as well

UI fixes

The latest update also includes some UI fixes, making it easier for you to use our platform.

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