Update email address (Activecampaing ==> Paypal ==> AC)

Hello guys!

Who buys through Paypal very often uses a different email address than the one used at the beginning (to enter the mailing list).

When it happens, continue to receive promotional emails that propose the product … even after buying it!

Is there a way to solve the problem? I use Funnelish, Clickfunnels and Activecampaign.

Hi @corey87,

There is a very easy and even better way to do it,

First of all you’ll need to connect ActiveCampaign to your account if haven’t done that already:

  1. Under Account > Integrations.

  2. Enable ActiveCampaign, and add your API Credentials (You can find those in your AC account under Settings > Developer).

  3. Save changes, and move to next stage.

In your Funnelish funnel, for each relevant step products do the following:

  1. Open each product and switch to “Automations” tab.

  2. Click the “+” (Add button) to add a new automation.

  3. Select Type of automation you want, and it’s trigger…etc
    If you want to add anyone who refunds to a special list, or anyone who cancels to another list and sending them different automation…etc…etc your options with that are almost endless.

  4. Select the list concerned, and the action to do, (eg. Add to List, Remove From List,…etc).

  5. In each automation you’ll be able to select the email to send that to (either the payer email, or the optin email or even both by adding another automation).

  6. Save your automation.

PS. You can have Up to 5 Automation’s for every single product, but we recommend not passing 3.

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