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UPDATE: Improved dashboard analytics, Improved Shopify address tracking and much more

Visitors Counter

First of all starting with the live visitors counter, It’s back after being disabled temporarily for maintenance earlier this week.

Improved Dashboard Analytics

We have improved the dashboard analytics accuracy and speed. With added ability to filter down your stats using (currency, device….etc). This comes with one limitation as of the time being; analytics data from before April 2022 will not be available temporarily.

Meta Data Added to Webhooks

As many of our users have requested, Meta data is now part of webhooks requests body.

This shouldn’t affect your existing webhook endpoints if they were done properly, but it’s always good to double check.

Shopify address tracking

As you may already know, Shopify refuses to sync an invalid or incomplete order. To go around this, we have now made an update that will still send an incomplete address to Shopify.

The missing address fields will be replaced with “-“ instead of dropping the entire address.

This will be handy for countries where certain fields are not needed (eg. State or Zip Code), which can be omitted entirely without having to setup a default value first as was the case previously.

Thanks for these updates!
For Shopify, have you implemented shipping address = billing address when only 1 data is available?
This would be useful to avoid asking both addresses, or add a custom script with checkbox.