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UPDATE: SMS marketing through Funnelish & other updates

You can now do SMS marketing straight from your Funnelish account, without using any other 3rd party apps.

You can access your SMS settings, balance and top-ups at Funnel > Settings > SMS Settings.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 13.59.01

  • You’ll be able to see your balance and top up. You can also see how many SMS’s were sent in the last 30 days, and how much they costed.

  • You can also select the phone number to send from. We recommend the shared phone number, but you can also buy a dedicated one if needed.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 19.47.27

How to do SMS marketing with Funnelish?

It is really easy to set-up your SMS flows at Funnelish. All you need to do is head to Funnel > Automations, select some triggers and start your flow.

Select SMS from the Sending options and customize your texts. You can also see a preview in the right-side.

Other new updates and fixes

  • Improved funnel automation workflows.

  • Phone number validation on the fly (We automatically store the country code without your customers being required to input it - this will allow us to sync your customers phone numbers properly into Shopify, Klaviyo, Facebook Ads and other integrations).

  • Go to section/row scrolling speed has been adjusted.

  • out of beta and issues fixed.

  • Refund processing for Stripe sales fixed.

  • Existing payment method editing bug fixed.

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hi, i’m new to sms marketing but i’d like to try, can you add links? What are the best practices and what about the STOP message, can i see which countries need that and which countries don’t?


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@skermes You can add links, but should make sure:

  1. The country you are sending to does allow links.

  2. Or, whitelist your domain name (could contact support once you send a test SMS to get it whitelisted with mobile carriers).

  3. We will be rolling out our own links shortner in the following days, which will make it possible to send, and track SMS KPIs using our own short domain name, without the need to use yours or whitelist it…

The STOP message is highly recommended, otherwise the mobile carriers will block your SMSs, again you could test it to see if your country/mobile carrier does not enforce that… You will only be charged for SMS messages that were successfully delivered.

We are working on docs, that will include details on each country restrictions and best practices, this should be expected during this week or next.

Hope that helps!