URGENT - Delivery email not sending when somebody purchases using PayPal

The PayPal app is working perfectly in terms of actually processing the payment - however whenever somebody pays for my program through PayPal, they’re not receiving the delivery email. This is where they get their login link etc so it’s causing some major upsets as I’m sure you can imagine. People are basically buying my product and then absolutely nothing happens. Is there any way we can ensure that the product delivery email triggers? Thanks

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Hi @ryanwegner93,

Hmm, How do you send those emails? Actionetics? or Sendgrid through fulfillment email or an autoresponder (eg. ActiveCampaign)?

If it’s Actionetics or fulfillment emails, then you need to setup your tracking products under Funnel > Settings > 3rd party membership area in Clickfunnels, and then set the fulfillment emails for those products as well.

If using ActiveCampaign or Klaviyo, you can easily setup automations from within Funnelish which is the easiest and most reliable, Otherwise if using an integration that is not yet supported by Funnelish, then you’ll have to go through the fulfillment emails as mentioned in the previous case.

If the above does not solve your problem, just contact our support at [email protected], and leave us your contact info a Skype ID and/or a Facebook Url and one of our agents will reach out to you as soon as possible to help you fix any issues you might be facing.

Hope that helps :wink:

Yeah it’s a fulfilment email - I’ve created the product in 3rd party membership area - but how do I hook it up so that when people buy the product on the order form via paypal that it triggers the email?

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It will be triggered automatically whenever they buy, as long as you have the fullfilement emails setup.

If you need someone to look into it for you further, just contact [email protected] or post in our Facebook Group, and ask to talk to an agent, provide your Skype or Facebook URL details so our agent can connect directly with you :slight_smile: