[URGENT] Facebook Pixel fires purchase but purchase is nowhere to be found (context inside)

We have a major issue happening currently in one of our funnels

There are purchases being tracked within Facebook Ads for purchases that did not happen (can’t find them in Stripe, Paypal or ClickFunnels, not even a single trace)

Here’s a pic of it happening in Facebook Ads: https://imgur.com/a/6yzKhHt

We’re using the Funnelish app for PayPal payment but Stripe is done through ClickFunnels (and the merchant account works perfectly fine for all our other funnels)

Here’s the funnel where the issue is happening:
Funnel Order URL: http://flows.dealssupply.com/free-mask-order

What is happening here?

The Facebook pixel is purely set up through the Facebook Pixel app inside of Funnelish, not inside ClickFunnels whatsoever

Thanks in advance

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Also, we just had a sale come in through PayPal using Funnelish (PayPal v1, NOT v2) and the order purchase is NOT being tracked in the Facebook Ads Manager (we’re using the Facebook Pixel from Funnelish)

There really needs to be some light shed on this…

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Hello @nickkenens,

Thank you for the detailed explanation, Just when using Facebook Pixel helper does it show your sales being tracked normally?

Also the sale being tracked in FB Ads manager could be a fluctuation maybe from Facebook Side as it’s only a single sale, though usually doesn’t happen but still could…

But in either case, let us see what the Facebook Pixel helper tracks and we take it from there :slight_smile:

Hey @samlee, the Facebook Pixel helper tracks pretty much everything happening in the funnel, including Pageview on Optin, Lead, Add To Cart when entering the order page, etc…

We just had it happen AGAIN (not the same on) where we see a purchase happening within Facebook with a purchase conversion value that seems completely normal for the products we’re selling yet not a single sale to be found within our PayPal or Stripe…

I highly doubt Facebook Ads is screwing up here, we’ve never had an issue like this happen to us in the last 6 months

Also, we did have an actual sale come in for $12.97 yesterday and it’s not being tracked within ClickFunnels stats of the funnel, it was through PayPal, is this normal that these are tracked seperately, shouldn’t Funnelish be relaying it back to ClickFunnels so it actually shows up there?

This needs to be fixed asap… Any ideas @samlee?

Just set up the IPN for the PayPal account we’re using, this might help with the orders not being sent back to Facebook (dear god I hope so)

And just found out that we have 2 Failed Payments inside of Funnelish (https://imgur.com/a/xulMsPl) and it just so happens that the number 2 correspond to the 2 “fake” pixel purchase fires we had happen in the last 2 days, this might be it?

Can we get this solved asap please? The funnel is actively receiving traffic… Is there anyone in support I can contact?

@samlee @yassine

Can someone please answer?..

We just had another payment come through yesterday, the Facebook Ads tracked $39.95 while the actual payment in PayPal was only $19.97

There’s some weird stuff going on here