URGENT - PayPal Plugin Redirecting to Homepage (Customers Can't Pay!)

So a customer recently reported when they filled out the order form, selected “PayPal” and clicked “Submit” they got redirected to the PayPal.com homepage.

They had no way to actually make the payment. This has happened across all my funnels that were working fine yesterday. No changes were made. Any idea how to resolve this asap?

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Facing similar issue just for 1 new funnel. This is so odd.

@samlee this is urgent. losing sales due to this bug. Some of my other funnels with the same settings are working. My latest funnel face this issue

I faced another issue, when the funnelish interface for a particular funnel bugged out after I add “Webhook Url” under settings. I tried it on several funnels and it always happens. Could more tests be done before releasing the new codes ‘live’?

This is happening to me too since yesterday, can someone please assist? Losing many sales because it’s sending people to PayPal home page. Thanks.