URGENT: PayPal V2 track wrong orders all the time

Hi Funnelish,

we have a big problem with PayPal V2.
It tracks always wrong order, no matter what, it tracks always the first product.

In the example I choose “Landscape U” and “Purple Flower” but later at check out at PayPay tracks this order “Colorful Cat t” and “Landscape U”, funnelish-wrong-tracking-1a funnelish-wrong-tracking-2a

Please solve this bug immediatly.


Hello @Huu,

I just checked your funnel as you provided it, and by checking your account I see that you only have created 5 products in Funnelish, but in Clickfunnels screenshot you have 6 products…

The products you have on our side as sorted by you are like this:

  1. Landscape (25x20cm)
  2. Mother Nature (25x20cm)
  3. Lovely Cat (20x25cm)
  4. FLOWERS_(20X20CM)
  5. Blue Horses (25x20cm)

Those are the only products you have in Funnelish, and it makes sense that Funnelish matches first product with first one in your Clickfunnels side…

Add the missing product, and resort them please it was a human mistake from your side…

Hope that helps, let me know how it goes…