Use this URL to create your ClickFunnels webhook for Funnelish

Which URL should be used to create webhooks for Funnelish in ClickFunnels @yassine?

Under your Clickfunnels funnel settings:

Scroll down below till you reach a section named “3rd Party Membership Access (Non-Order Form Purchase Tracking)”, then hit Add Product:

Select Paypal as the Billing Integration:

Then, copy your Webhook Url, that’s what you need to provide to your Funnelish funnel.

PS. This Webhook Url is only required in case you are welling to connect your CF’s SALES and Automation Tracking to your Paypal products.

PPS. It’s weird that you aren’t aware of this @Tyson_Isham :o especially that you’ve been part of this since beginning :hushed:

Hope that helps!