Using Clickfunnels' "#yes-link-multi" with Funnelish PayPal Apps?

In this short tutorial I’ll be explaining how you can benefit from using “#yes-link-multi” in your OTOs to have more than 2 Stripe products in your Upsell pages.

This Article is For…

  • Anyone who uses Stripe to process payments in Clickfunnels. And,
  • Uses any of Funnelish PayPal Apps to process PayPal payments. And,
  • Has more than two products (offers) in a single OTO step. Or,
  • Insist on using #yes-link-multi and have less than three products in your OTO step.

If none of the above is you, then ignore this article, none of it is needed

Ok, First things first, copy this little code snippet into your OTO STEP’s FOOTER TRACKING CODE:

      if ($.cookie('funnelish_gateway') === 'paypal') {
        var cs = $('[data-title*="#yes-link"]');
        cs.each(function(){$(this).find('a').attr('href', $(this).attr('data-title'))})

PS. Do not change anything.

Then, Do this:

  1. In your OTO page (editing mode), select your YES button.

  2. Click the “GET CSS INFO” button.

  3. Change the title to “#yes-link-n

  4. Replace ‘N’ by the actual order-index of your product as shown in Funnelish starting from 1.

  5. Click Update.

  6. Repeat that process for all your OTO products, and save changes…

That’s it, now you can process your Paypal/Stripe Payments for as many products as you’d like.

Leave me any questions, or feedback below.

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Does this apply to my scenario? I have 3 products on an OTO page (they’re the same exact products, just different mount types so i have different SKU #'s for them).

I have the buttons connected to their respective products. Below each button i also have hyperlinked #yes-links and the CSS titles are edited to their respective product ID numbers pulled from the products (example: cf-one-click-1347716). Also have an installed script that allows this to function correctly (via CF pro tools)

I just got Funnelish a few hours ago and so I haven’t tested the functionality yet on this OTO page. Also using v1.

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Well different products means multiple products in the backend of ClickFunnels, since you have 3 products then surely that applies to your case.

I don’t know what you mean here:

I don’t think there is any need for other scripts to get it to work!

Ah ok.

What I mean is that while I do have multiple products, I am using a script from a site called CF pro tools ( This script is allowing me to have more than the traditional 2 products on a single OTO page.

However, this script is for stripe payments, and one of the steps in the video I linked above requires me to change the CSS title to this: cf-one-click-productid#

So it’s similar to the Step 2. “GET CSS INFO” button that you described.
In other words, I can’t have both set-up… correct?

You don’t need that script anymore :slight_smile: CF has released multiple products support already our code above is only useful since the way CF does multi products is SHIT and not perfect for PayPal.

We will be adding that code patch above to the next update so you won’t have to use that code at all, but till then that code should work without the need for another code.

oh!! Had no idea. Awesome, Thanks!

Hey @James , I did exactly what you said above and am testing Paypal with the #multi-links now, and it’s not working (on any of the OTO buttons)

It just says “working” indefinitely.

PS. we must use multi links if we have 3 items or more on the OTO page, when I tested stripe with the other method you suggested #yes-link-n (n = 3) , it says credit card declined and asks for the credit card again…

Sometimes that method works, but most times when I tested it says credit card declined (especially on the #yes-link-3 button.)

Hope to get this resolved!


I believe that what @James meant was that if you have 2 buttons or less, Clickfunnels uses #yes-link-n but if you have more than 2 buttons you’ll need to use their dropdown selection which uses #yes-link-multi.

In case you are using #yes-link-multi then you’ll have to use the code above to allow it to work with PayPal properly :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work, please share your order form link and let us check it out for you :wink:

Hey guys @samlee @James , this is still not working for me :(.

I sent you both a PM with my page details.

Please let me know if you got it!

Thanks so much

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Replied to you sorry for the delay, please check your PMs :wink:



Thank soooo much

Now I can sleep Happy :smiley: :smiley:

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Hello! I am facing the same issue as well. Tried using the method mentioned at the start of the thread. Can I share my order form link and let you check it for me too?

Thanks for the help, appreciate it

Hi @eugene_tan,

Absolutely, feel free to share them, but please provide both the Order form link and the OTO link as well… (since this issue is related to the OTOs explicitly).

Best Regards :wink:

Here are the links:

Order form link:
OTO #1 link:

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it, sam! :slight_smile:

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I can only put 2 links in a reply. Here’s the third link:

OTO #2 link:


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Hi @eugene_tan,

So I checked your OTO, and I can see that no Apps are being loaded, perhaps you didn’t add the correct URL to funnelish this one “” same applies to the other page…

Also, I noticed you used yes-link-2 not yes-link-1 even though you only have one product, #2 will try to load the second product, if it doesn’t exist it may fail… so hope that was intentional.

Let me know if you checked the URL perhaps there is something else missing we can find…

Can i still use the code with a 1 product upsell? its been a nightmare getting this upsell to work with paypal. Even after i redirect them to the OTO1 after paying with PayPal… I think a video tutorial will go a long way to help your Funnelish customers. Some of us get confused in the way when reading the article…however a demonstration should help.

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You are absolutely right, and we are working on that :slight_smile:

And yes this tutorial does work for one click upsells as well, if you are facing any problems at all with your OTOs simply reach out to our support team at [email protected] and you’ll get assisted :wink:

Will we need to add #yes-link-n in URL?


Anybody there to help me?