Using Paypal as the only Payment Option

Hey! I have a few questions for you:

I’m from Venezuela so I can’t use Stripe or any other payment processor without an LLC, So I need to use paypal to get paid with credit cards and paypal.

  1. When I turn on the Paypal Plugin should I Turn on too the options of Credit Cards (gateways)? Or do I need to have stripe to use it?

  2. Do you know any payment processor that I could use to get paid directly on my funnels with credit cards? I think there is any available and that is an issue that a lot of Non-US-Citizens have.
    If you could help us with that would be awesome!

Thanks for your time, I appreciate your work! :slight_smile:

Hello Cesar and welcome to Funnelish!

Regarding your first question, no, turning on that option does not require you to have stripe. Our Paypal plugin simply adds Paypal as a secondary payment method to your order form. It wouldn’t affect or be affected by Stripe. You can turn it on at your preference.

If you can’t find a Payment Processor available in Venezuela, you could always try Stripe Atlas: