Using PayPal Plugin - Credit Card Payment OTO Order Not Appearing in Dashboard

Hello - I’m using the PayPal Plugin with my funnel - if the visitor uses either PayPal or Credit Card on the MAIN Order page… those orders are showing in the Dashboard in Funnelish.

BUT _ if the visitor pays with credit card - the Auto OTO order doesn’t appear in Funnelish.

How can I solve this? I want to ensure those buyers are getting access emails to the Auto OTO.


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Hey @maryczar,

The problem in your case can only be wrong/mismatching product names, Funnelish uses product names to match products from Clickfunnels and to sync orders…

Most likely there is an extra space in your OTO product name either in Clickfunnels or in Funnelish (that’s a very common case).

Do let me know if that’s not the case for you :slight_smile: