Variant option problem > Complete Order button doesn't work

First of all, I’ve checked How To Easily Add Product Variants To Your Clickfunnels 2-Step Order Form? but could not find the answers that I was looking for.

@yassine, @samlee

Problem > for some reason, the complete order button keeps hanging on ‘Processing…’
I also can’t make a test purchase with Stripe > after clicking complete order, I see ‘#submit-form’ added in the URL, but it stays on the same page (order form).

FYI - I’m using ClickFunnels and Funnelish.

Please let me clarify:

I want to sell tees in CF in different sizes, so I activated ‘Fancify’ on the App level and on the Funnel level and I’ve created variants on the product level in Funnelish. This is what it looks like in CF:

Because I want to highlight the ‘Most Popular’ quantity option, I chose to keep these options as separate rows, and I only want ppl to make 1 purchase decision.

Additional question: How can I make the variant option to be required?

If you need extra info, please let me know!

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@yassine, @samlee

I’ve sent an email w/ my account details to your support to make it easier for you guys to check it out.

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@yassine, @samlee

I found out that (some of) the snippets from CF Pro tools are conflicting w/ this.

I’m using these snippets:

CF Best Seller Highlight
CF Select Default

I’m aware that these 2 options are also possible w/ Funnelish but I don’t like the outcome:

I’d prefer a coloured background instead of only a border, and the other quantity options shouldn’t have a gray background.

Can this be solved?

@yassine @samlee

Please respond.

Till then, I’ve decided to exclude Funnelish for this order form due to the visible outcome of highlighted products - only coloured border instead of coloured background + gray rows for the other quantities.

Can you please please let me know how to achieve this -->

Hi Edwin,

I just checked your ticket sent to our support email it was helpful,

First of all, remove the two codes from CF Pro Tools as both can be done through Funnelish and they conflict with Fancify.

As for highlighting a product in Funnelish, We have two types of highlighting:

  1. Simple Highlight (which adds that border and the Tags to your products)

  2. Super Highlight Which will bring the product to the front and highlight it’s color as well. 51%20PM

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As for the Processing problem, can you please enable the apps again so I can check it out for you… :slight_smile:

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Hi @samlee

I’ve deleted the CF Pro snippets but the problem still remains…

See the screenshot below:

I replied to your support mail w/ my Funnelish credentials, If you need to have my CF credentials, please let me know.


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That’s good progress @Edwin, Now just enable “Super Highlight”:

I replied to your email as well, feel free to reply here or through email if have any further questions :slight_smile:


Thnx but that’s the whole point - I already tried this for several times, please look at the 2 screenshots below:



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Hey @Edwin,

Thank you for your patience and for baring with me, I checked the page you sent us on email, and I can see that what’s causing the problem is a custom CSS Code in your order form, these lines to be more specific:

.activeRadioProduct {
    background: none !important;

Just erase those lines from your Custom CSS code box (Click Edit on the step in your Clickfunnels Funnel then go under Settings > CSS Code)

If you have other lines on that box that you don’t need just erase them as well…

Let me know how that goes :wink:


Thanks, it worked but here’s another problem: how can I see which variant someone has chosen?

  • the chosen variant isn’t listed in > Funnelish > Funnel > Orders > Customer
  • the chosen variant cannot be pulled by Zapier either…